Implix Study Compares GetResponse Global Email Marketing Metrics

Europe Scored Highest Open Rate and U.S. Returned Lowest Open and Click-Through Rates.

WILMINGTON, Delaware, February 8, 2010Implix , an email marketing leader and online solution provider to global SOHO/SMB markets, today released a study of 1,652,000,000 emails sent from the GetResponse email marketing platform between July and December 2009. The resulting report provides a global perspective of email marketing today by tracking common performance indicators across 95 countries and six continents, with some interesting results.

“Our study shows how serious the problems of e-mail fatigue and low engagement have become in North America,” said Simon Grabowski, CEO of Implix. “Fewer than one out of every three recipients opened and clicked on a link. And only one out of every eight subscribers who clicked on links did it twice. We need to remember that top ISPs have begun to introduce engagement metrics such as opens and clicks into their deliverability equations. That means that “unengaged” recipients can cause email campaigns to be blocked and automatically sent to spam folders. North American marketers have a lot of work to do in engaging their subscribers.“

Email Metrics by Continent Highlights:

  • The average open rate in North America was 10.76%. Europe was the clear leader with 13+%, more than 60% higher than the low score of 8.08%, delivered by Australia and Oceania.
  • More than 40 out of every 100 recipients who opened a message sent from Europe clicked on a link. In North America, less than one out of every three opened and clicked on a link.
  • In Asia, one of every four subscribers who clicked on an email link did it twice. In North America, just one out of eight clicked on a link twice.
  • North America had the highest bounce rate (2.17%) and the second highest complaint rate (0.12%) among all the continents. (South America came in first with 0.13%).
  • Australia returned the lowest bounce, complaint, and unsubscribe rates.

As email marketing continues to proliferate, Implix will perform additional studies comparing GetResponse statistics across geographies in order to provide a broader view of the global marketplace in which we all compete.

The “GetResponse Email Marketing Metrics Around the World” report is available at

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