Implix Expands E-Commerce and Web Analytics with Google and PayPal Integration

New Integration to Improve the Speed, Efficiency and ROI of Customers’ Online Sales and Email Marketing Activities

WILMINGTON, Del., Sep 16, 2009Implix , a leader in online marketing solutions, today announced the integration of Google Analytics online tracking and PayPal transaction processing systems with GetResponse, the company’s flagship email marketing platform. As more SOHO and SMB companies turn to the Internet to reduce costs and reach new audiences, Implix is expanding its latest release, GetResponse 6.0, to improve the speed, efficiency and ROI of customers’ online sales and email marketing activities.

By combining the power and reach of Google with data provided by GetResponse Email Analytics, small businesses will get a complete, detailed picture of subscribers’ online viewing and purchasing behaviors and how they relate to specific email campaigns. The reactions and navigation patterns act like an applause meter for content "stickness", helping marketers identify weak areas and make improvements quickly and accurately.

Speed and efficiency are equally important when establishing contact with new customers. With inboxes full to overflowing and less time to read, creating a good first impression and building strong customer relationships is more important than ever. With the integration of PayPal and GetResponse, marketers can add new customers to campaigns automatically and start the conversation immediately.

"I’m extremely gratified to contribute to the surge in online business among our SOHO and SMB customers," said Simon Grabowski, CEO and founder of Implix. "It’s especially meaningful that, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, industry analysts also recognize that the Internet offers the greatest of any marketing medium out there. Because it’s digital, it’s measurable, providing valuable metrics that companies used to pay thousands to develop. We are continuing to innovate GetResponse 6.0 based on customer demand, as well as features we feel will be important for businesses to succeed and remain competitive in today’s economic climate.. As such, in addition to Google Analytics and PayPal integration, we’re also focusing on integrating video and email marketing, social media, and e-commerce into one seamless e-marketing platform, available and affordable to any small business."

For information and detailed instructions on how to employ Google Analytics and PayPal integration with GetResponse email marketing accounts, please visit or .

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