GetResponse Email Marketing Integrates Return Path Deliverability Monitoring Tools for Optimized Analysis and Reporting.

Partnership will improve customer deliverability to target inboxes.

WILMINGTON, Delaware, February 21, 2011Implix , leading provider of results-driven online marketing solutions for the SMB sector, announced today a partnership with Return Path , an industry-leading provider of email deliverability monitoring tools and email service certification programs. With the integration of Return Path monitoring solutions, Implix provide its GetResponse and GetResponse360 customers with even more rigorous analysis and optimization of their email services, boosting deliverability rates, ISP compliance and campaign ROI.

Return Path DELIVERABILITY MONITORING TOOLS do not affect the ways GetResponse customers send and deliver their messages, but provides GetResponse Deliverability Experts with deep insights into the paths messages take on their way to inboxes. This feedback is shared with customers to help them optimize their emails for deliverability, protect their domain reputations, and strengthen ISP relationships through enhanced compliance with standards and expectations.

"Deliverability continues to be the top issue for marketers looking for an email services provider (ESP)," explained Simon Grabowski, Implix CEO and founder of GetResponse. "As the volume of email increases, ISPs are getting tougher about issues like engagement, frequency, and relevancy, which is why we chose to integrate best-in-class Return Path deliverability monitoring tools to ensure the highest possible results for our email marketing customers."

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