GetResponse Launches the Revolutionary New Email Creator

State-of-the-art email design and editing interface gives imagination free reign

WILMINGTON, DE, April 12, 2012 – GetResponse, the leading email marketing provider, today announced a beta version of the new Email Creator , which lets email marketers design beautiful email newsletters using a drag-and-drop editor.

A recent AT&T Small Business Technology Poll shows a growing trend toward user commitment and reliance on smartphone apps. 72% say they use mobile apps in their business, and 38% claim they couldn’t live without them.

“With today’s launch of the new GetResponse Email Creator, we are reinventing the email design process. The platform is revolutionary and unlike anything else in this industry. But what really matters is that marketers and designers now have freedom, flexibility and simplicity to unleash their creative potential,” said Simon Grabowski, Implix CEO and Founder of GetResponse.

Predesigned templates with full editing capabilities

The New Email Creator features great-looking predesigned email templates that are easy to customize and personalize to reflect the marketer’s message and ideas. The revolutionary creative possibilities include multiple base layouts of template frameworks (from one- to four-column variations) for unique creative visions, and a drag-and-drop editor that allows quick addition of buttons, text blocks, images and customized elements.

Design import functions

The New Email Creator makes it easy to add custom design work via import from zip file, capture from URL link, or copy-and-paste HTML-coded design.

“Marketers nowadays need to react quickly to changing conditions. But sometimes they are slowed down while waiting for designers or webmasters to send great-looking newsletters,” said Simon Grabowski. “The New Email Creator lets the email marketer design a great-looking email in just a few minutes - without design skills or IT help.”

Time Travel ensures worldwide delivery at exact local time

GetResponse Email Creator features a Time Travel feature that enables marketers to schedule and deliver emails at the same local time all over the world. Those who market their products internationally can improve the results of their email marketing campaigns by optimizing the time of delivery.

“Email marketers know that email open rates vary depending on time of the day. This poses a challenge for international marketers with customers all across the world. For example, an email with highest open rate in the morning may arrive at 7:00 AM in Los Angeles, 10:00 AM in New York, at 3:00 PM in London, and at midnight in Sydney. It is possible that the open rate in UK and Australia will be inferior in comparison to US open rate, due to the time difference,” said Simon Grabowski. “GetResponse Time Travel feature changes this, and empowers the market to deliver their morning email - for example - at exactly 8:00 AM sharp, no matter whether the recipient is in London, Sydney or Los Angeles.”

The new Email Creator is available now in beta version for all GetResponse users. To sign up for a GetResponse Free Trial Account, please visit:

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